Bernard "Pretty" Purdie


Bernard Purdie is the most recorded drummer in the world. His incredible talent and style can be found on records ranging from Aretha Franklin, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, hall and Oates and so on. He has laid down the beat on over 3000 albums to date. Make that 3001. Bernard was at Afterdark Designs Studios this month laying down drum tracks for an upcoming album by Diane Durrett. The legendary Ike Stubblefield is producing Diane's new album and plans to bring in more of his famous friends like Bernard to play. Ike himself, is co-writing and performing on many of the tracks. His B3 organ style can be found on the albums of some of industry's greatest artists. Atlanta is lucky that he calls it home. Check out the discography of Bernard and Ike. You won't believe it.
Check Out Bernard Behind the Drums